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Why wait? Get your Fiberglass Pool Installation this Winter With the cold weather upon us, it’s easy NOT to think about swimming in your own backyard pool. However, getting your new dream pool installed over the Winter will save you money and time. This is off-season and there are benefits for scheduling your…(Read More)

Guard Your Inground Swimming Pool Against Bad Weather What can you do to prepare your swimming pool for an impending bad storm? You’ve most likely heard of people who decide to throw their lawn furniture inside the in-ground swimming pool to keep it from flying around during high winds. Don’t do this…(Read More)

Here are 5 Reasons a New Inground Swimming Pool Will Change Your Life! Owning a Swimming Pool Can be Life Changing Here are 5 Reasons Why Daily Low Impact Exercise – If you have joint ache or back pain, swimming will give your body the cardio it needs without the pain associated with exercise outside…(Read More)

With the first day of school coming up, throw the pool party everyone will talk about. Throw the ultimate end of Summer Pool Party at your house! Our team at Aqua Fun receives feedback from our clients and others with their reasoning for wanting a new in-ground swimming pool. One of the recurring stories…(Read More)


Pollen and Your Swimming Pool A recent report from the AJC says that the 2017 Spring Pollen season is going to a “pollen explosion”. Multiple news reports say that people who are susceptible to allergies may have a hard time this Spring. Pollen is not only potent for allergies, but it can weigh on your…(Read More)

3 Pool Trends You Should Consider in 2017 Eco Friendly When you design the eco-friendly pool the right way and maintain it properly you will have a chlorine-free pool with plant zones offering clean and clear water without the toxic chemicals. If you want to heat the pool there are solar panels…(Read More)