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Time to Winterize Your Pool!

Welcome Fall in North Georgia!

Time To Winterize Your Inground Pool And Prepare It For Next Swimming Season

You may have already closed your pool for the Winter, or perhaps you’ve been trying to squeeze in every last swim you can? This September has been warmer than normal so we hope you get to enjoy the pleasant extension. Either way, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for Winter. If you are closing it up rather than turning on the heaters, this blog post is for you.

Purpose of Winterizing Your Pool

The purpose of Winterizing your pool is to keep it safe, maintained in good shape and prepare it for an easy opening again in the Spring. The better you take care of your pool, the longer you will be able to enjoy it’s many benefits.

Part of Winterizing your Inground Swimming Pool is deciding to add a Safety Cover. You have choices. Mesh covers come in different colors and are the most economical choice because it costs less and lasts longer than many of the other choices out there. There are differences in the mesh covers, solid safety covers and this is something our specialists can inform you about and help you decide. What’s good for one person may not be good for another so let’s decide together.

 Benefits of Winterization

The four main benefits of properly Closing Your Pool For The Winter are:
  1. Keeps the pool clean – imagine being able to take off the Winter Safety Cover in the Spring, covering a few basic instructions and then dive in within a day or two of re-opening it? Sound appealing to you? Good, then simply follow the steps below or call us to schedule your pool closing today (770) 419-7119.
  2. Keeps the pool maintained – you want to make certain the chemicals are balanced to prevent fungal growth; that the cover is tight and secure so there are no accidents nor uninvited guests or debris fall in the pool; to impede excessive evaporation which can create hidden dangers for your pools lifespan. Keeping your pool properly maintained is very important for your own personal joy, pocket book as well as keeping  ready for resale if and when you decide to sell your home. TIP! Every Fall and Spring you need to schedule on your calendar certain pool maintenance rituals that will keep your pool healthy and young. Check out the list below.
  3. Keeps your family members, guests and animals safe while you are not using your pool this Winter – it’s easier for mistakes to happen when your pool is left open. There will likely be holiday parties scheduled and family visits over the Fall and Winter seasons. Keep everyone safe from harm and keep the stray animals out of the pool this Winter. It’s easier to forget about the backyard pool when the backyard is not being utilized as much, so using this “Pool Closing” time as a precautionary measure is always a smart plan.
  4. Keeps your liability down – it’s always a better idea to be safe than sorry. If your backyard oasis is used year-round because of the outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace you built then you want that added peace-of-mind knowing whoever and whatever is enjoying your backyard beauty is also safe from accidentally falling in the pool, hence keeping your liability down.

How To Winterize your inground swimming pool

  • Balance the pool’s chemicals
  • Lower the water level and drain those pipes
  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Remove pool accessories
  • Put a lid on it

Don’t want to do it yourself? Schedule your Pool Closing here!

Did you get a chance to check out our latest blogpost? All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who needs to close their pool and Winterize it, then be sure to share this article or simply call Aqua Fun Inc. today – (770) 419-7119 or schedule time to talk here.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook

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