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Aqua Fun Builds Award Winning In-Ground Pools

Gunite Pools   Vinyl Pools  Fiberglass Pools

We here at Aqua Fun prefer in-ground pools over above ground pools. We simply believe that In-ground pools are superior for the North Georgia area, and are definitely more beautiful. If you want more information about the difference between In-ground and Above Ground Pools, read our blog post : Which is better? Inground or Above Ground Pools

We offer gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. We use Kafko vinyl liners for liner replacements as well as new vinyl pool installations.

What are the differences between the  three types? Learn the differences between fiberglass, vinyl and gunite pools.

Fiberglass Pools

Vinyl Pools

Gunite Pools

finishes we offer

  • Pebble Tec
  • Pebble Sheen
  • Pebble Fina
  • 3m brand
  • standard marbelite finish with variety of colors

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