Ultra Seam – Only with Kafko

NEW 2013! Ultra Seam - Only with Kafko

 Ultra Seam – Only with Kafko

Patent Pending – Kafko is the only manufacturer offering this revolutionary breakthrough in Vinyl Liners – “The strongest seams you’ll never see!” And there is no one who you can trust more to install your new Ultra Seam Vinyl Liner than Andy Cook. Andy has been with Kafko since 1987 and Kafko recommends Andy to install your new Vinyl Liner Pool and Liner Replacement!

Please call us or schedule your no obligation consultation about your vinyl pool installation or vinyl pool liner replacement – (770) 419-7119

A Vinyl Liner Replacement with Aqua Fun, Inc consist of:

-Replace face plates, gaskets, and screws for skimmers, main drains, and wall returns.

-Touch up any damage to the existing pool bottom.

– Remove and Haul away old liner.

 -Clean Fixtures.


5 SUPERMAX Liners –

30Mil Material at 20Mil Pricing!!

*20 Years – Manufacturer Warranty – Best Warranty in the Business!! 

-The first 5 years being a complete warranty covering manufacturer defects and labor, followed by 15 prorated years.