A Vinyl Liner Replacement with Aqua Fun, Inc consist of: 

  • Replace face plates, gaskets, and screws for skimmers, main drains, and wall returns. 
  • Touch up any damage to the existing pool bottom. 
  • Replace wall foam if needed. 
  • Clean Fixtures. 
  • Liner replacements typically are a 4 to 5 day process depending on weather and how quickly the pool fills back up between cut-outs. 

 Our liners are fabricated using only premium vinyl material that meets and exceeds the industry standard. All Latham liners are formulated with antimicrobial and UV inhibitors, designed to resist normal degradation and provide a beautiful looking pool for years to come. In addition, our liners are custom made based on your pool measurements using state of the art design software, resulting in the industry’s best fitting liner.  

Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement