Prepare your dream pool for the Winter!

Let Aqua Fun close your pool season out by winterizing and covering your pool. 

This reduces risks of freeze damage and saves on electricity, water, and lengthens the life of the pool equipment by giving it a four month break from running continuously.    

Pool closing includes: 

  • Draining the pool below wall returns 
  • Unplugging and draining pool equipment 
  • Blowing water out of the lines 
  • Plug off wall returns and skimmers 
  • Adding shock and algaecide 
  • Covering the pool  Safety Covers are the Answer!

Winterizing a pool can be complicated, and Aqua Fun has winterized pools since 1997. If the winterization process is done incorrectly, it can lead to extensive damage to the pool and its components. Don’t leave it up to chance. Schedule your consultation now!

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

Winterize with Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.