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We have your Checklist for Pool Bag Essentials

Here’s a checklist of what to bring whether you own a pool, you’re invited to a pool party, spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool or go to the beach or lake on a hot Summer day! We want to be your one-stop shop for all things swimming related!

1) Find a large beach bag to fill up all Summer essentials

It doesn’t have to be a designer bag, it will get wet! You want to use a bag large enough to put everything you need. If you have kids your bag will need to be large enough to carry twice as much.

2) Don’t skip the sunscreen!

Don’t be that person who forgets their sunscreen. Protect yourself from sunburn! Pack enough in case somebody else forgets theirs. You should have a couple of options for sunscreen: spray or lotion with different amounts of SPF for a child or adult. Children should have a minimum of 30 SPF applied at least every hour and a half. There are SPF sunscreens for the face and lips and you can get waterproof sunscreen if you will be swimming a lot.

3) Towels, towels, towels.

Personally I like to have two, one to lay on and one to dry off with. It’s always good to have towels on hand, you never know when you may need them! This is a chance to show off your swimming pool style.

4) Healthy filling snacks

Swimming all day will make anyone hungry. You will definitely want to bring filling healthy snacks that are easy to hand out and grab on the go. Granola bars, string cheese, apple slices, baby carrots and ranch are some healthy choices that are easy to pack and the kids will approve! Check out our Pinterest page with many healthy snack ideas.

TIP: to keep things cool, freeze juice boxes or water bottles to create a DIY ice pack and a drink for later in the hot sun!

5) You can’t forget the pool toys!

Floaties, goggles, pool noodles, beach balls, frisbees are great examples of pool toys that will keep the kids entertained all day. Much of the toys out there now can be deflated for easy carrying. If you run out of pool toys you can always resort to good old fashioned swimming pool games. Check out the blog post for more swimming pool games.

6) Last but certainly not least, extra clothes!

Bring a fresh shirt for everyone in case you all decide to leave for a quick bite or you all want to play outside of the pool and don’t want a cold wet bathing suit to make you sick. I would throw in a couple of hats, baseball hats, floppy beach hats for the ladies or safari hats work as well. Sunglasses, swim suit cover, summer blanket.

I hope a few of these tips helped you, and will allow for a fun time at a pool this summer! Remember us for all your swimming pool needs! Have a great Summer!

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Time to get ready for swimming pool season | Aqua Fun Inc. | Pool Builder

School will be out and kids are coming home from college soon. Time to get ready for swimming pool season!

The weather here in Georgia has been all over the charts and doesn’t give the feeling its almost Summer. Don’t be fooled though, it’s time to plan the fun for your own backyard swimming pool. If you need to build one, call Aqua Fun. If your pool needs a facelift, call Aqua Fun – (770) 419-7119.

Summer Pool Fun - Aquau Fun

Aqua Fun pools make Summer great!

Step one if want to make sure you’re “pool ready” is to either call and schedule the “pool opening” date if you already have a pool. Or get Aqua Fun pool builders and designers out to give you a quote today. The pool will be built just in time for Summer fun! Get a no obligation consultation and let us help you plan your backyard dream!

If you’re wanting to throw parties, think about getting some interesting and fun games/floats to keep things fun! Also, its a good time to finally get that outdoor furniture you’ve been longing for. It’s the year of the pool!!!

Have fun! Stay Safe - Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

Have fun! Stay Safe – Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board with photos of trendy outdoor pool furniture, lighting, art and landscaping ideas.

Want to see more gorgeous inground swimming pools built by Aqua Fun? Check out their Gallery of dream pools here.

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Summer Swimming Begins | Vacation In Your Own Backyard | Aqua Fun Inc. Swimming Pool and Spa

Aqua Fun Wants You To Vacation In Your Own Backyard, Let The Summer Swimming Begin!

Summer time fun!

Memorial Day weekend marks the official beginning of Summer and the end of the school year for most. It’s time to start planning your summer pool parties and create lasting memories.

When you get a pool design and build from Aqua Fun, be sure to request a quote for livable space in your own backyard. Add a cabana, decking, outdoor kitchen or fireplace and don’t forget Aqua Fun can help you enhance the space with smart and beautiful landscaping / hardscaping. Aqua Fun works hand in hand with top builders and contractors to give you the total package.

Aqua Fun Pool<center><noscript><img src=Built by Pyramid Builders Group, preferred Custom Builder of Aqua Fun

We hope your Memorial Day was full of family memories hanging out by the pool while honoring our fallen heroes. Make your next vacation a “Staycation” in your own fabulous backyard. Check out some inspiration and ideas on our Pinterest boards:

Have Fun in your backyard!

Find Peace and Serenity

Relax Poolside

Outdoor Kitchens Hot Trend

Pool Treats

Classic Pool Games Are Fun!

Whether you want to upgrade your swimming pool area or if you want to build a new pool and spa, our team of specialists want to help. Schedule your no obligation consultation or contact us for your swimming pool maintenance and repair.

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Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.

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Six Ideas To Service Your Inground Swimming Pool This Winter | Aqua Fun Inc. ~ Canton GA.

Here are 6 Great Ideas To Service Your Inground Swimming Pool This Winter.

white pool lighting waterfall

Just because it’s Winter does not mean your backyard has to shut down. Our team at Aqua Fun wants to help you keep the fun going all year long. Let’s face it, it’s fun to plan for the future with new home improvement ideas and it’s smart to maintain and enhance your points of pride. So if you are already a homeowner with an inground swimmimg pool, don’t wait until it’s time to start swimming again, start planning now!

Here are some features you can focus on to either give your pool a face-lift or new meaning.

  1. New Vinyl Liner – This is one of the best ways to give your vinyl pool a new look. It also keeps your pool maintained properly to prevent issues in the future.
    Floor Patterns - Pool Liners

    Pool Liner Replacement – Floor Patterns – Pool Liners

  2. Recreational Add-Ons
    Vinyl Pool with Slide

    Vinyl Pool with Slide

  3. Pool Lighting
    pool lighting

    Dramatic Pool Lighting

  4. New Decking and Coping
    Pool Decking

    Pool Decking

  5. SpaBuilt-in Spa
  6. Water Features
    Creative swimming pool

    Gunite Pool with Vanishing Edge

Aqua Fun Inc. would like the opportunity to help you plan for a more modern upgraded inground swimming pool that enhances your life for years to come.

If you want to build a new inground swimming pool, our award winning designer and builders can help you get the job done. There are so many choices – gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, small lap pool, vanishing edges, concrete stamped decks and smooth coping edges. Don’t get confused, call Aqua Fun (770) 419-7119 for a free no obligation consultation.

All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to know more about how you can keep your pool front and center all Winter long, then be sure to share this article and schedule your consultation here.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.

Have questions about 6 Great Ideas To Service Your Inground Swimming Pool This Winter? Leave your comments here:

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Best Father’s Day Present – Swimming Pool and Spa – New Liner Replacement – Pool Party Ideas

Give the Best Father’s Day Present – Aqua Fun Pool Gift Certificate


Imagine showing the father in your life a voucher with a picture of their new Swimming Pool & Spa -or- New Vinyl Liner Replacement –or-  Swimming Pool face lift upgrade.

It’s hard to believe Father’s Day is right around the corner. Have you been looking for that special gift that will make dad say “WOW”? Stop searching, this is it. You know how many times you’ve talked about getting that dream pool and how many times you’ve said your existing pool needs a face lift. Let’s make it happen.

  • Step One:  Get pre-approved so we can design your dream pool that fits your budget. Need help financing? We have awesome partners if you need to finance your  swimming pool and spa.
  • Step Two: Contact our professional pool design and construction specialist for your complementary consultation to determine the best pool design for your backyard – (770) 419-7119.
  • Step Three: Look through our Pinterest Boards for inspiration. Design your own Dream Pool Pin board and share it with us.
  • Step Four: Start planning your Pool Party!

Follow Our fun Father’s Day Pinterest Board

Follow Rachel Cook’s board Father’s Day Gift – Pool! on Pinterest.

Get your Aqua Fun Swimming Pool Gift Certificate by Father’s Day, June 21st, 2015. If you need more time, we’ll extend this offer through the entire month of June.

Create  fun memories with your family and friend, call today to schedule your no obligation consultation (770) 419-7119 or schedule here.

Best Father’s Day Present – Swimming Pool and Spa – New Liner Replacement – Pool Party Ideas

Thank you,

Andy & Rachel Cook



Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun Should Be Your Choice For New Pool Construction, Pool Maintenance and Pool Liner Replacement

Award Winning - Aquafun

Why Choose Aqua Fun For New Pool & Spa Construction, Pool Maintenance, Redesign and Pool Liner Replacement?

Here Are Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun in Canton, GA. Should Be Your Inground Pool & Spa Builder and Designer

So, you are thinking about your backyard swimming pool and spa. Do you want to build your dream pool, have it upgraded or need some repair? There are quite a few choices out there, but Aqua Fun Inc. in Canton, GA. wants to stand out from it’s competitors and here is how they do it:

  1. Family Owned – Family Owned Businesses are the backbone of our country. Aqua Fun Inc. is a “family owned” premier pool design, construction and service company owned and operated by husband and wife team, Andrew and Rachel Cook. Andrew has the pool construction background and Rachel brings her knowledge and experience from corporate America. The combination of their experience means that you will get the best of both worlds. Family owned means their reputation is on the line and Aqua Fun prides themselves on being part of the local community.
  2. Over 28 Years Experience –  Andrew Cook has 28+ years experience in the pool construction and design industry. Andrew started out in the pool industry in 1987 as a Regional Sales Representative for Kafko. Check out Kafko’s Recommendation for Andy Cook.
  3. Quality Construction – Aqua Fun is a family owned, award winning pool & spa construction company with over 28 years experience. See the kind of work Aqua Fun produces and read reviews from their happy customers. Aqua Fun only uses the highest quality materials and up-to-date technology to build the best possible backyard oasis for your family.
  4. Affordable – Quality does not always equal more expensive. Aqua Fun prides themselves on quality construction & service at a competitive price. Aqua Fun has partnerships with these Pool Financing sources and encourages you to get pre-qualified.
  5. Choices – Aqua Fun offers choices in swimming pool finishes – Vinyl, Gunite and Fiberglass – as well as different shapes to fit your lifestyle and yard size. Looking for a natural looking and performing swimming pool? Aqua Fun loves Salt Water Pools and natural looking recreational add-on’s, decorative vinyl liners and landscaping ideas. Want a luxurious look? Underwater Illumination can make all the difference.

Follow Aqua Fun on Pinterest –

The team at Aqua Fun wants to encourage local Metro Atlanta consumers who are ready to take the plunge to consider them as their #1 Swimming Pool and Spa choice. Did you read 7 Ways To Prepare Your New Pool Construction article? It’s a good checklist. Aqua Fun goes above and beyond to get your business and keep it!

Aqua Fun offers Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun Should Be Your Choice For New Pool Construction & Redesign, Pool Maintenance and Pool Liner Replacement. For your complimentary consultation please contact Aqua Fun at (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.


Popular Swimming Pool Design Trends in 2015

Aqua Fun is always staying up on the popular swimming pool design trends and 2015 is looking better than ever!

There is an upswing in new pool construction and contemporary pool design & remodel. With that comes beautiful, functional new ideas to share. Many of the same designs that were hot in 2014 are also going to be hot in 2015. There are a couple of newer trends making their march to greatness and possibly into your new inground swimming pool design we will share as well. It’s all about personal style and more choices when making the plans to turn your own backyard into an island oasis. Our team of professionals can help you do it all.

Geometric Pool


2015 Swimming Pool Design Trends

Exercise Pools and Hot Spa’s

Take care of those muscles in a smaller pool design with a built-in spa. Also called lap pools, strengthen your body with a new inground swimming pool made for exercising, then relax your muscles and mind in your built-in spa. There are different types of exercise pools. A true exercise pool has a resistance jet at one end of the pool that generates a current much like a small wave. The resistance jet allows you to swim in place without actually going from end to end of the pool. Then there is a lap pool with a long and narrow design. An exercise pool or lap pool has become more popular in recent years and the outlook keeps exercise pools trending as a top contender. Certainly as more and more homeowners find themselves in a home without extra room in their backyard space or pocket-book,  small exercise pools are perfect for these kinds of challenges.

Natural pools and Salt Water Pools

We wrote a blog about Salt Water pools and suggest reading that for more in-depth discussion on what we think about Salt Water pools. We’ll be writing more about Natural pools in future blog posts however the best way to describe a Natural Inground Swimming Pool is to take a more natural focus when designing the look and feel of the pool. We join the pool design into the natural terrain of the landscape. Sure we can take the Natural Pool to whole new level beyond what we have described here, however, for clarity, we prefer designing the pool in a natural looking state with Salt Water.

Geometric Shapes and Water Features Overflow

Geometric pools are making a come back and that is partly because of the new features a builder can add. Things like incorporating the lighting with water and using the extra space for custom pool built-ins like sloping entries, seating, waterfalls, swim-up bars and sun-tanning ledges. The elegant visual display of overflow water cascading over the ledges, waterfalls, or water fountains and underwater illumination can bring your backyard retreat to a whole new magical realm. Rectangular, square, round, oval, octagonal and L-shaped pools were in great demand in 2014. The geometric inground pool shape generally fits traditional backyard spaces better than many of the more complicated designs and continues to be a popular trend in 2015.

Alternative Finishes

Beauty and durability are the strong points of this popular trend. Whether you are building a new inground swimming pool or are looking to re-model your current inground pool, alternative finishes are great choices to modernize and glamorize your pool! Aggregate Finishes with Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen have been steadily moving up in popularity and are a big part of Aqua Fun’s pool designs. Glass tiles are becoming more desirable than ceramic and porcelain tiles, partially because they are durable and are resistant to powerful chemicals used to keep the pool clean and maintained. Glass tiles come in various sizes, shapes and colors, used inside or around the pool / spa leaving a shimmer glow reflecting the water in the pool or on edges.

Digital Pool

We will be writing an entire blogpost about digitizing your inground swimming pool. These days you can command your outdoor environment with your iPhone or Smartphone. Use your phone to control lights, pool & spa temperature, pumps, water features, pool cleaners including security cameras and landscape irrigation.

Stay tuned for articles about these latest trends. Let Aqua Fun Inc. be your pool design specialist with Popular Swimming Pool Design Trends in 2015. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation – (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,

Rachel & Andrew Cook


Saltwater Inground Swimming Pool Builder answers the question

Chlorine or Salt Water swimming pool?

It’s your choice

We say it’s your choice because there are arguments supporting both viewpoints. If you are fine with your current chlorinated pool and don’t feel the need to make a change, then don’t. It’s true that a salt water generator is a little more money in the beginning, but you save money with the salt generator over time. Unless you have health or “green” reasons to change, may be you will be compelled to leave things status quo. These are all personal preferences or necessities only you can decide. Aqua Fun helps you decide by offering a little more background on  salt water pools.

Reasons to consider a salt water generator:

First of all, you would not use regular table salt in your salt water pool. According to the Salt Institute, it’s best on your system to use only high purity solar or evaporated salt that has been specifically designed for salt water pools. Many of the lower-cost, generic salts sold for pool use contain a host of contaminants that can affect water clarity and cause staining, scale, and overall water balance issues.

Salt Water Swimming Pools:

  • save you money over time because the cost of salt is far less than chlorine and you use less salt than chlorine
  • save you time because you will be spending less time maintaining your pool and more time swimming in it
  • saves your clothing and hair from bleaching out

more good stuff…

  • no green hair
  • no red eyes
  • no burning skin
salt water salt swimming pools

Photo courtesy of Morgan Street

Salt has healing characteristics such as:

  • All Natural Stress Relief –  salt water reduces inflamed  joints and muscles, leaving your body feeling relaxed and stress-free. Salt water has the mineral bromide which helps in relieving muscle pains and soreness.
  • Beautiful Skin – salt water will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple as it increases moisture retention. It will rejuvenate the skin by detoxifying it and promotes cellular regeneration. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and when it feels renewed, your whole body automatically feels revitalized and healthy, according to
  • No Allergies – Asthma sufferers don’t react negatively in salt water pools like they do to the heavy packaged chlorinated water.


TIDBIT: Over 80% of all pools in Australia are salt water and that’s where salt water pools began in the 1960’s. It took longer to become viable in the U.S., but by the year 2007, salt water pools accounted for nearly three-quarters of new pool installations, up from about 15 percent in 2002. There are about 1.3 million salt water pools in the U.S. today. (Sources: P.K. Data; Pool & Spa News 3/30/08)

Salt Water Pool Beautiful

Photo courtesy of Charlie Murrin

Celebrity’s  Jessica Alba and Courtney Cox talked about their salt water pools in separate interviews  which lends to the realization that this once trend would finally reach the masses. These two celebrity interviews show the concern many people have with the environment and their family’s personal health.  If either of those issues are important to you then it seems natural to use salt over harsh packaged chemicals.

What are some of the con’s of salt water pools before you make the change?

  • Initially it will cost more to upgrade or build a salt water pool but long-term (and that is what a swimming pool offers, long-term benefits) the salt water pool saves you money, time and energy.
  • Salt is corrosive, especially if  total Alkalinity and pH are not balanced correctly and maintained properly.
  • Salt pools generate chlorine for sanitation, so the pool is not chlorine chemical free.

Salt pools get their chlorine residual by means of “chlorine generators” (electrolysis devices) that use electricity to produce chlorine from salt (sodium chloride) dissolved in the pool water. Chlorine in the water—whether added this way or by EPA-registered pool sanitizer–destroys many common waterborne pathogens within seconds, helping to keep swimming healthy. Without pool water sanitizers, swimmers are vulnerable to contracting diarrhea, swimmer’s ear and skin infections. (Water Quality and Health Council)

Maintenance is still a necessary task for pool owners, but it just got easier! is offering a set of free strips that will measure your pools PH level. Just click the link to get your Free Test Strips and see where you stand in the region you live:

If you would like to convert your current chlorine based swimming pool to a salt water pool, Aqua Fun Inc. is your salt water pool specialist in North Georgia. Are you planning a new swimming pool build? Let Aqua Fun Inc. consult you and show you the best options for your new swimming pool. Call today to schedule your no obligation consultation (770) 419-7119 or schedule your appointment online here.

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Pool Opening in April Too Soon?

When is too soon to open your pool?

Every season is different but a good general rule of thumb is if the temperature outside is consistently 70 degrees during daylight hours, the pool should be opened. Think of it as preventative maintenance if you will:

1.       If you have a cover- Get ahead of the algae problem since warmer temperatures breed algae in a swimming pool, get the air flowing.

2.       Being pro-active saves you headache- The extra chemicals and cleaning required with a late-opening will cost you extra money, time, stress and frustration. Grab that special time with your family and friends ahead of schedule, it’s worth it.

We know how busy you are and we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to get ahead of the game. Call and schedule your appointment right now. Schedule your appointment here.

We look forward to servicing your pool opening needs. We also offer liner replacements so be sure and let us know all your needs.


Thank you,

Andrew and Rachel Cook – Aqua Fun Owners

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