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We have your Checklist for Pool Bag Essentials

Here’s a checklist of what to bring whether you own a pool, you’re invited to a pool party, spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool or go to the beach or lake on a hot Summer day! We want to be your one-stop shop for all things swimming related!

1) Find a large beach bag to fill up all Summer essentials

It doesn’t have to be a designer bag, it will get wet! You want to use a bag large enough to put everything you need. If you have kids your bag will need to be large enough to carry twice as much.

2) Don’t skip the sunscreen!

Don’t be that person who forgets their sunscreen. Protect yourself from sunburn! Pack enough in case somebody else forgets theirs. You should have a couple of options for sunscreen: spray or lotion with different amounts of SPF for a child or adult. Children should have a minimum of 30 SPF applied at least every hour and a half. There are SPF sunscreens for the face and lips and you can get waterproof sunscreen if you will be swimming a lot.

3) Towels, towels, towels.

Personally I like to have two, one to lay on and one to dry off with. It’s always good to have towels on hand, you never know when you may need them! This is a chance to show off your swimming pool style.

4) Healthy filling snacks

Swimming all day will make anyone hungry. You will definitely want to bring filling healthy snacks that are easy to hand out and grab on the go. Granola bars, string cheese, apple slices, baby carrots and ranch are some healthy choices that are easy to pack and the kids will approve! Check out our Pinterest page with many healthy snack ideas.

TIP: to keep things cool, freeze juice boxes or water bottles to create a DIY ice pack and a drink for later in the hot sun!

5) You can’t forget the pool toys!

Floaties, goggles, pool noodles, beach balls, frisbees are great examples of pool toys that will keep the kids entertained all day. Much of the toys out there now can be deflated for easy carrying. If you run out of pool toys you can always resort to good old fashioned swimming pool games. Check out the blog post for more swimming pool games.

6) Last but certainly not least, extra clothes!

Bring a fresh shirt for everyone in case you all decide to leave for a quick bite or you all want to play outside of the pool and don’t want a cold wet bathing suit to make you sick. I would throw in a couple of hats, baseball hats, floppy beach hats for the ladies or safari hats work as well. Sunglasses, swim suit cover, summer blanket.

I hope a few of these tips helped you, and will allow for a fun time at a pool this summer! Remember us for all your swimming pool needs! Have a great Summer!

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Time to get ready for swimming pool season | Aqua Fun Inc. | Pool Builder

School will be out and kids are coming home from college soon. Time to get ready for swimming pool season!

The weather here in Georgia has been all over the charts and doesn’t give the feeling its almost Summer. Don’t be fooled though, it’s time to plan the fun for your own backyard swimming pool. If you need to build one, call Aqua Fun. If your pool needs a facelift, call Aqua Fun – (770) 419-7119.

Summer Pool Fun - Aquau Fun

Aqua Fun pools make Summer great!

Step one if want to make sure you’re “pool ready” is to either call and schedule the “pool opening” date if you already have a pool. Or get Aqua Fun pool builders and designers out to give you a quote today. The pool will be built just in time for Summer fun! Get a no obligation consultation and let us help you plan your backyard dream!

If you’re wanting to throw parties, think about getting some interesting and fun games/floats to keep things fun! Also, its a good time to finally get that outdoor furniture you’ve been longing for. It’s the year of the pool!!!

Have fun! Stay Safe - Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

Have fun! Stay Safe – Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

Be sure to check out our Pinterest board with photos of trendy outdoor pool furniture, lighting, art and landscaping ideas.

Want to see more gorgeous inground swimming pools built by Aqua Fun? Check out their Gallery of dream pools here.

All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to know more about getting ready for Pool Season, then be sure to share this article or simply call Aqua Fun Inc. today – (770) 419-7119 or schedule time to talk here.

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Rachel and Andrew Cook

Happy Spring Swimmers – Tips On Swimming Pool Chemistry – Pool Opening

Spring Is Around Corner, Time To Open Pool & Tips For Happy Pool Chemistry

The one thing people may forget to think about when getting a pool, is the chemistry of the pool. Our team at Aqua Fun is always here to help you maintain your pools chemistry, but we also want to help you Open Your Pool This Spring with the correct chemical balancing. In case you are into DYI  Pool Opening, we’d like to offer a basic template for successfully Opening Your Swimming Pool. Not saying you have to be a Chemist but here are the basic chemicals that go in a pool and what the levels should be.

Free Chlorine – 2.0 to 4.0 ppm
pH – 7.2 to 7.6
Calcium Hardness – 200 to 400 ppm
Cyanuric Acid – 30 to 50 ppm
Total Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm

Above are the best ranges of chemicals for the perfect pool! There are some instances where you may need or want to go out of those levels. You want to make sure your pool is balanced for the perfect swimming environment. Maintaining the quality of your pool is very crucial for functionality and comfort. These extra steps to check your pool environment is worth it for a healthy stable balance to keep out bad bacteria and fight against algae. Remember, pH is always unstable and pH is thrown off anything that enters the water, but it is the most important to maintain, so there is a formula you’ll want to follow.

Alkalinity works with pH to fight to keep a stable balance in the pool. The Calcium Hardness is mostly just to keep the pool safe from the outside in, keeping all the plaster intact for longevity of the pool.

Whether you have a chlorine or salt water gunite pool, fiberglass pool or vinyl pool, you’ll want to make sure when you open your pool this season the chemicals are balanced and ready for the first swim of the season. It is our speciality to Open Your Pool so please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule your pool opening today! Schedule your Aqua Fun Pool Pool Opening Consultation here.

Build Your New Pool By Spring! Vinyl, Fiberglass, Gunite | North GA. Pool Builders | Aqua Fun

Build Your New Pool By Spring!

Aqua Fun is North GA. #1 Inground Pool and Spa Builders

Vinyl Pool by Aqua Fun pool builders

Gorgeous Vinyl Pool built by Aqua Fun Pools in Canton GA.





Quality Inground Swimming Pools Built By Aqua Fun – Family Owned

Family Owned | Quality Inground Pools

Quality and experience is what you get when you have your backyard pool built by Aqua Fun Inc. of Canton, GA. With over 30 years experience in the swimming pool building and design business, Andy Cook along with his wife Rachel Cook are building more than just top quality, gorgeous swimming pools, they are also building dreams.

Aqua Fun can design and build your fiberglass, vinyl or gunite (concrete) inground swimming pool, and offer you peace of mind knowing you are getting quality, affordability and expert knowledge from owners who have been building pools spanning decides and servicing multiple Metro Atlanta counties.

Check out this gorgeous new Vinyl Pool with vinyl over steps, tanning ledge and dive rock.

Fiberglass pool with spa - Aqua Fun

Kidney Shaped Vinyl Pool Design

Check out another refreshing image of a Fiberglass Pool design and build by Aqua Fun.

Vinyl pool with vinyl over steps and vinyl over tanning ledge and dive rock.

Fiberglass pool with Spill Over Spa

Family Owned Means Something

The team at Aqua Fun Inc. is lead by visionary owners, Andy and Rachel Cook. They are active members of the local community with long standing business ties and a reputation for building quality beautiful pools that are affordable compared to it’s competitors.

“When your family name is behind something, you want to give it all you got.” – Andrew Cook

Want to see more gorgeous inground swimming pools built by Aqua Fun? Check out their Gallery of dream pools here.

All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to know more about Quality Inground Swimming Pools Built By Aqua Fun – Family Owned, then be sure to share this article or simply call Aqua Fun Inc. today – (770) 419-7119 or schedule time to talk here.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook




We want to help you with the Best Christmas Gift Idea For Your Family by adding an Inground Swimming Pool By Spring.

Aqua Fun Christmas Gift Certificate

Aqua Fun Christmas Gift Certificate

Wrap it up under the tree! We’ll help and here is how….

Tis the season to be Merry! It’s also the time to be with family and plan for the next year. Want to create more family time? Invent multiple “staycations” by adding that dream pool to your backyard. You’ve all talked about it, now it’s time to make that call! Our team at Aqua Fun are award winning pool builders and designers are eager to be a part of making your family’s dream come true. Small pools, free-form style pools, large lap pools with water features and recreational add-on’s, no problem!

There is a lot to consider when designing and building your new inground pool. Do you want fresh water or salt water pool? Do you want a gunite, fiberglass or vinyl pool? Will anyone in your family appreciate a tanning ledge, splash pad or slide? Will you be adding pool lighting and if so, how elaborate were your considerations? All of these questions can be answered much better after an initial consultation with one of our team members. There is no obligation and we offer a complimentary design consultation.

Make 2017 the year your family and friends can congregate in paradise without driving to Florida or flying to Hawaii. Instead spend that time and resources into making your backyard oasis the best it can possibly be. Imagine watching movies in your backyard while relaxing on an inner-tube in your pool, this is the kind of possibility you can create to make memories last forever! It’s truly amazing how a swimming pool can bring a family together, it is such a beautiful way to unite in this fast paced life, without the TV or cell phones.

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So do yourself and your family a favor this Christmas season. Give Aqua Fun a call to schedule that no obligation pool design consultation. We will supply you with an Aqua Fun New Pool Certificate to frame, wrap and place under the tree. When your family opens it and see’s that they are getting a new inground swimming pool, you will be the hero! Be sure to mention this offer when you call and our team at Aqua Fun will get it done!

Aqua Fun Pools in Canton, Ga. wishes you a Merry Christmas

Aqua Fun Pools wishes you a Merry Christmas

Call today! (770) 419-7119.

All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to get the best Christmas present for their family, then be sure to share this article and schedule your consultation here. Did you read our last blog about 6 Great Ideas To Service Your Inground Swimming Pool This Winter? Check it out here.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.

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Schedule Your Inground Pool Design and Installation | Aqua Fun Inc. | October 2015

Inground Pool Design & Installation

You’ve thought about it enough, now it’s time to schedule a consultation for your dream pool and spa. You can’t go wrong with Aqua Fun Inc. if price, beauty, quality and professionalism are important to you.These guys are the North Georgia swimming pool experts!


Aqua Fun designs and builds beautiful swimming pools!

The Aqua Fun Team

Aqua Fun’s owner is the lead builder & designer with decades of direct experience in the swimming pool industry and has been building / designing swimming pools in North Georgia for 20+ years. Andy and Rachel Cook are the owners and operators; a husband and wife team who take pride in the work Aqua Fun offers it’s customers. You know you are getting top notch, quality service when you hire Aqua Fun to build your in-ground swimming pool and spa.


Water features added to your backyard pool makes your swimming experience even better!

Price of your inground pool and spa

You won’t find a pool builder out there who will offer you the quality work Aqua Fun provides for the price. We can’t give you a number off the cuff because each pool is unique to the home and is determined after an initial consultation with the wants and needs of the homeowner in mind. Things that can determine price is the size, shape, style (gunite, vinyl, fiberglass), add-on‘s such as lighting, waterfalls, slides or spa. Aqua Fun also provides decking options to consider. If you need financing, Aqua Fun has partnered with the best pool, check it out.

A few more things that will consider the cost of a new inground pool and/or spa is whether you want to consider a Salt Water pool. Aqua Fun is Salt Water pool specialists and can counsel you on the pro’s and con’s of operating a Salt Water Pool. Also, take a quick look at 2015 Pool Trends for ideas and inspiration.

swimming pool are fun

Backyard vacation!

Beautiful Backyard Pool

Making your home an enjoyable place for family and friends is what it’s all about for so many people. Adding a swimming pool and/or spa can add tremendous beauty to a backyard. Being able to sit on a lounge chair by the crystal clear water while hearing the sound of a waterfall or spa bubbling is magic! Imagine having the beauty of a new pool with enhancing landscape work, outdoor furniture and the sound of laughter…your backyard has just become that outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted.

So stop dreaming, make it happen! Call 770-419-7119 or schedule your consultation today so you can tell your family what they are getting for Christmas. Most people may not think Winter is a good time to schedule a new inground pool install, but we think it’s the best time! Don’t miss last month’s blogpost about Swimming Pools and Real Estate.

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Thank you,

Andy & Rachel Cook
Owners & Innovators of Aqua Fun Inc.

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