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It’s that time of the year again, the school bell is ringing all over North Georgia. This can be an exciting time but also a stressful time. Just because school is back in session does not mean the summer is over. What better reason is there to celebrate the new school year, blow off some steam and invite your friends and family over for an end of the summer pool party than this?

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The kids will love swimming in the pool playing classic pool games like Sharks & Minnows, but they will also enjoy playing a simple game of Simon Says on the pool deck.

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Get those Super Soakers out after the planned activity, the kids will never get bored. Look out because you might just get wet.

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You know the party has started when dad does a belly flop. Have your camera’s ready, these are epic moments the kids will never forget. If belly flops are not your cup of tea then a good old fashioned cannonball will work just fine. These days of summer are priceless and memories can last forever so be sure to snap pictures.

Aqua fun pool party

Photo courtesy of Loren Kerns @flickr

Beach balls and hula hoop’s can be a lot of fun. There are several games one could play with either toy, but the game you see below is a great way to combine the two. Do you like basketball? If you do then you will really enjoy this game.

Aqua Fun end of Summer Pool Party

Photo courtesy of Loren Kerns @flickr

An end of summer pool party would not be complete without a great array of food and drink. You will find some great poolside treats on our Pinterest board. More reason to see why there is no need to squeeze in the last minute trip to Florida to create family memories. With your new Aqua Fun Swimming Pool & Spa you can have a Staycation right in your own back yard. We give you several great ideas for your vacation at home in this blog post.

Looking to have a more adult party? No problem, a nighttime pool party might be the better choice. Since you already  added the beautiful underwater illumination to the pool, waterfall and spa you don’t have to do much more to impress.


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