Swimming Pool Leak Detection Test With A Bucket

If you have a swimming pool and the water level seems to be dropping faster than what will happen with regular evaporation, then here’s a quick and easy swimming pool leak detection test you can do on your own with just a 5 gallon bucket.  Make sure your pool is filled to the proper water level before conduction the test.  Then immerse the bucket into the pool and fill it about half full and set it on the 1st or 2nd step of your pool and adjust the water level in the bucket until it’s exactly the same as the water level on the outside of the bucket.  Now set your timer on your phone to 24 hours at which point you will come back to see if the water level in the pool is the same or lower than the water level in the bucket.  If the water level in the pool is lower than the water in the bucket, then you most likely have a water leak and will need to call Aqua Fun Pools for an affordable water leak repair on your pool.

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