Pets And Pools, Is It Safe For Our Pet & Inground Pool?


Our team at Aqua Fun pools know that it’s difficult to keep the dog out of the inground swimming pool. After all, our pets think they are human, and part of the family. If we are swimming, they are swimming. Kudos to those of you who have managed to train your canine furry friend not to jump in the pool.

We’re sure you’ve wondered if swimming in the pool was safe for your pooch? And was it safe for the pools mechanics? Those are both great questions and we will certainly offer some facts which may help the next time Fido does a belly flop into the pool.

Is it bad for the animal?

Generally speaking, it’s not bad for humans and it’s not bad for dogs either. Salt water pools are usually less chemically toxic for humans and animals but there are still safety concerns with salt water pools which chlorine pools do not have, of which we will discuss. According to Bridgemill Pets of Canton,” the largest risk with a pool for any animal is drowning of course as they can panic too, especially if they do not know how to get out of the pool. However, the AKC has an article stating the amount of chlorine in pools is no more harmful to pets as it is to humans“. According to Bridgemill Pets some other things to watch out for includes excess water indigestion, “in fact drinking from the pool should definitely be discouraged especially if it’s a salt water pool. Also drinking from the pool can irritate your dogs eyes and nose sensitivities; cause ear infections, especially from floppy eared dogs and can dry out the skin.”

Be sure to rinse pets off with the hose after a day of swimming.

Is it rough on the pool and it’s mechanics?

It can add more stress on the mechanics for sure but there are preventive measures you can take to lessen the stress on your pool mechanics. If hair gets clogged in the filters or baskets, it could be a big problem so be proactive and check the filters and baskets for hair build up which could clog the system.

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