Aqua Fun Safety Pool Cover Specialists

It’s that time of the year again. Time to get your pool ready for Winter and that means covering your pool. Aqua Fun wants to make your family safer, that’s why use only the strongest mesh and solid Safety Pool Covers. Prevent any chance of your family or pets accidentally getting past an unsafe cover. We are pool safety experts!

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

You can choose Mesh and Solid Safety Covers

Safety is the #1 concern

but when you don’t want your pool looking like this:

Covered Pool

We thank taberandrew for use of the photo

Choose one of our strong Safety Covers

Our Safety covers are designed to keep out:

  • standing water
  • leaves, branches and the odor that comes along with it
  • insects and mosquitoes

Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about handling those awkward  water bags and tarps. Besides, who wants to drain and clean that?

When you call Aqua Fun to install or replace your Safety Cover, you can rest assured that there will be less work when you are ready to open your pool again. Why?

Safety Covers help to:

  • keep the sunlight out reducing algae spread
  • keep debris out of pool
  • lessen the chemicals needed for maintenance

Call us for a free quote (770) 419-7119 or schedule your appointment here. Still want to know more?

You have options.

Choose the best color to match your backyard oasis. We offer several color choices.

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

You can choose Mesh and Solid Safety Covers

Do you have an oval, kidney or custom shaped swimming pool?

No problem. Even if your pool design includes raised walls, stairs, rails, diving board or water features we can create a custom cover to make any pool beautiful but most of all safe!

Safety Covers

Keep your backyard safe for your family!

Keep having fun all Winter! Don’t worry about your child or family pet accidentally falling in the pool with proper installation. Your children and pets are kept  safe and protected so you can rest your mind.

Did we mention a warranty? Depending on which cover you choose, we have you covered!

Let us professionally install your Safety Cover to make sure proper installation. Call us for a free quote (770) 419-7119 or schedule your appointment here.