Lose Weight, Feel Great Doing Summer Exercises In Your In Ground Swimming Pool

Why go to the gym this summer when you have your own personal water workout?

Youth, Adults and Seniors can benefit from the low impact, high caloric burning exercises in their own backyard swimming pools. Here are a few great blogs we found on Pinterest which we thought you might enjoy. There are plenty of swimming pool exercises you can do anytime but imagine starting your morning off with the frog jump, flutter kick and noodle bicycle regime and ending the day doing the otter roll, chest fly and hydro belly blaster.

More great exercises to do in your inground swimming pool.

Never leave your own backyard! Every morning and evening!

Swimming pool exercises have been proven to burn calories, build lean muscle and provide an amazing cardio vascular workout while having loads of family fun at the same time. Have it all with your inground swimming pool!!

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