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Pollen and Your Swimming Pool

A recent report from the AJC says that the 2017 Spring Pollen season is going to a “pollen explosion”. Multiple news reports say that people who are susceptible to allergies may have a hard time this Spring.

Pollen is not only potent for allergies, but it can weigh on your mind when deciding the date for your Pool Opening. Our team at Aqua Fun is ramped up for a busy Pool Opening season in spite of the high pollen count predictions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and get your pool opening scheduled – (770) 419-7119.

We’d like to offer some tips that will make your pool opening decision a clear experience.

Since the pollen is predicted to be worse this year, should you go ahead and open your pool? Our team at Aqua Fun says “yes” and it’s “never too early to start swimming again”. To make it easier, here are a few things you can do to prepare, maintain and prevent damage to your inground swimming pool this Spring Season:

  • Plan to skim it everyday during the heaviest pollen counts.
  • Maintain and Prevent Damage by adding Aluminum Sulfide.
  • If skimming is not enough, you may need to vaccum the pollen out of the pool.
  • Run Filtration Pump more than normal to keep surface clear of pollen film and other debris.

Keep your kids and pool safe from pollen!

Your inground swimming pool and home are obviously very important investments, so taking the extra time to keep the pool safe from the damaging effects of pollen will pay off in the long run and allow for an enjoyable start of your swimming season this Spring and Summer.

Don’t let your swimming pool get full of this:


Remember, Skim to Swim!

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