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The month of May is National Water Safety Month Aqua Fun keeps your family safe! Although you should always use these safety tips, the month of May is designated to focus heavily on water safety. Here are a few tips that will help keep your backyard pool an oasis of relaxation and fun. Never leave…(Read More)

Good news for North Georgia neighbors who want to build, repair or replace their inground pools! The Ground Hog retreated and that means six more weeks of winter.  Now you have six  more weeks to get your Inground Pool  built or repaired, schedule it here. Take advantage of the down time. In general, the most…(Read More)

When is too soon to open your pool? Every season is different but a good general rule of thumb is if the temperature outside is consistently 70 degrees during daylight hours, the pool should be opened. Think of it as preventative maintenance if you will: 1.       If you have a cover- Get ahead of the…(Read More)

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