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Why wait? Get your Fiberglass Pool Installation this Winter

With the cold weather upon us, it’s easy NOT to think about swimming in your own backyard pool. However, getting your new dream pool installed over the Winter will save you money and time. This is off-season and there are benefits for scheduling your new pool design and install today. What about a fiberglass pool?


You may wonder if a fiberglass pool can sustain through cold weather and the answer is yes. In fact fiberglass pools have amazing strength and believe it or not, flexibility. The pool will not crack simply because it’s cold, in fact fiberglass pools stand the test against Winter, even offers more structural stability than other materials like concrete and vinyl.


There are many shapes to chose from such as rectangular, classic, free-form, custom, kidney, lap pools and more. Let our team of professionals help you decide the best layout for your backyard paradise. You can add tanning ledges, steps, spill over spa, additional recreational add-on’s, lighting (underwater illumination) and coping just like you can with any other pool types.


Fiberglass pools can be easier to maintain because the surface is not porous and algae does not grow as much as it does with other types of materials.This saves you on the chemicals and overall maintenance. If you properly maintain your pool year after year, you will also be pleased with the longevity your fiberglass pool will offer you.

Already have a fiberglass pool? Have you Winterized it yet? We would like to help you get your pool ready for Winter.

Think beyond the swimming pool itself, imagine soaking in a bubbling hot spa. Want to stay warm and swim during the Winter month’s? We can add gas heat to the pool and just like that, you are swimming all year round. Your new fiberglass pool is waiting!

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Three Pool Trends You Should Consider in 2017 | Aqua Fun

3 Pool Trends You Should Consider in 2017

white pool lighting waterfall

White Waterfall Lighting

Eco Friendly

When you design the eco-friendly pool the right way and maintain it properly you will have a chlorine-free pool with plant zones offering clean and clear water without the toxic chemicals. If you want to heat the pool there are solar panels that can be installed to generate heat and run water features.


Fire & Water

This trend incorporates a bit of Feng Shui. The two elements of fire and water brought together in such a unique way creates intrigue and calmness. Adding Underwater Illumination is important but the LED lighting emits a different ambiance then a firepit floating on water.


Small Pools

Otherwise known as a dip pool or plunge pool, many of these small pools are meant to fit into a tight space yet offer the therapeutic benefits such as floating, soaking sore muscles and even doing water aerobics. Small pools are trending because they make sense.


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