3 Pool Trends You Should Consider in 2017

white pool lighting waterfall

White Waterfall Lighting

Eco Friendly

When you design the eco-friendly pool the right way and maintain it properly you will have a chlorine-free pool with plant zones offering clean and clear water without the toxic chemicals. If you want to heat the pool there are solar panels that can be installed to generate heat and run water features.


Fire & Water

This trend incorporates a bit of Feng Shui. The two elements of fire and water brought together in such a unique way creates intrigue and calmness. Adding Underwater Illumination is important but the LED lighting emits a different ambiance then a firepit floating on water.


Small Pools

Otherwise known as a dip pool or plunge pool, many of these small pools are meant to fit into a tight space yet offer the therapeutic benefits such as floating, soaking sore muscles and even doing water aerobics. Small pools are trending because they make sense.


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