Guard Your Inground Swimming Pool Against Bad Weather


What do you do if a storm is coming?

What can you do to prepare your swimming pool for an impending bad storm?

You’ve most likely heard of people who decide to throw their lawn furniture inside the in-ground swimming pool to keep it from flying around during high winds. Don’t do this, the furniture could tear the vinyl pool liner, damage the pool tile or chip the fiberglass or cement. Our suggestion is to bring inside anything that can not be tied down.  Here are a few more tips when preparing your unground pool for a storm:

  • Take off the pool cover, it’s a lot of money to replace a cover and it could actually cause more damage to leave it on.
  • Turn off the electric at the circuit breaker and shut down the gas line.
  • Cover the motors for the pumps if possible.
  • If your pool was built by Aqua Fun Pools then rest assured knowing there is proper overflow drainage, but if another pool builder did not allow for proper drainage then you can take 1 foot of water out of the pool. Do not drain it as it could literally pop out of the ground under certain circumstances. Prevent this from occurring and do not drain your pool.
  • Tree limbs hanging? Get them trimmed up before Hurricane season.
  • Treat your pool to algaecide before the storm and shock it after the storm.

Once the storm is over it’s time to remove the debris, bring the PH balance back or simply “shock” the water to get rid of any contaminates that may have entered the pool during the storm. Then you can run your filter until the water runs clear. You may wonder if it is better to drain the pool because it can look impossible to clean but don’t do it. Follow these simple steps or better yet, give our team a call and we can come service your inground swimming pool after the storm to make sure it is in running condition, safe for family and friends to take a dip.

One last note, you may want to give your pump 24 hours to dry out before using it

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