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Pets And Pools, Is It Safe For Our Pet & Inground Pool?


Our team at Aqua Fun pools know that it’s difficult to keep the dog out of the inground swimming pool. After all, our pets think they are human, and part of the family. If we are swimming, they are swimming. Kudos to those of you who have managed to train your canine furry friend not to jump in the pool.

We’re sure you’ve wondered if swimming in the pool was safe for your pooch? And was it safe for the pools mechanics? Those are both great questions and we will certainly offer some facts which may help the next time Fido does a belly flop into the pool.

Is it bad for the animal?

Generally speaking, it’s not bad for humans and it’s not bad for dogs either. Salt water pools are usually less chemically toxic for humans and animals but there are still safety concerns with salt water pools which chlorine pools do not have, of which we will discuss. According to Bridgemill Pets of Canton,” the largest risk with a pool for any animal is drowning of course as they can panic too, especially if they do not know how to get out of the pool. However, the AKC has an article stating the amount of chlorine in pools is no more harmful to pets as it is to humans“. According to Bridgemill Pets some other things to watch out for includes excess water indigestion, “in fact drinking from the pool should definitely be discouraged especially if it’s a salt water pool. Also drinking from the pool can irritate your dogs eyes and nose sensitivities; cause ear infections, especially from floppy eared dogs and can dry out the skin.”

Be sure to rinse pets off with the hose after a day of swimming.

Is it rough on the pool and it’s mechanics?

It can add more stress on the mechanics for sure but there are preventive measures you can take to lessen the stress on your pool mechanics. If hair gets clogged in the filters or baskets, it could be a big problem so be proactive and check the filters and baskets for hair build up which could clog the system.

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Winterize Pool | Time To Close Down The Pool And Prepare It For Next Swimming Season | Aqua Fun Inc.

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Time to Winterize Your Pool!

Welcome Fall in North Georgia!

Time To Winterize Your Inground Pool And Prepare It For Next Swimming Season

You may have already closed your pool for the Winter, or perhaps you’ve been trying to squeeze in every last swim you can? This September has been warmer than normal so we hope you get to enjoy the pleasant extension. Either way, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for Winter. If you are closing it up rather than turning on the heaters, this blog post is for you.

Purpose of Winterizing Your Pool

The purpose of Winterizing your pool is to keep it safe, maintained in good shape and prepare it for an easy opening again in the Spring. The better you take care of your pool, the longer you will be able to enjoy it’s many benefits.

Part of Winterizing your Inground Swimming Pool is deciding to add a Safety Cover. You have choices. Mesh covers come in different colors and are the most economical choice because it costs less and lasts longer than many of the other choices out there. There are differences in the mesh covers, solid safety covers and this is something our specialists can inform you about and help you decide. What’s good for one person may not be good for another so let’s decide together.

 Benefits of Winterization

The four main benefits of properly Closing Your Pool For The Winter are:
  1. Keeps the pool clean – imagine being able to take off the Winter Safety Cover in the Spring, covering a few basic instructions and then dive in within a day or two of re-opening it? Sound appealing to you? Good, then simply follow the steps below or call us to schedule your pool closing today (770) 419-7119.
  2. Keeps the pool maintained – you want to make certain the chemicals are balanced to prevent fungal growth; that the cover is tight and secure so there are no accidents nor uninvited guests or debris fall in the pool; to impede excessive evaporation which can create hidden dangers for your pools lifespan. Keeping your pool properly maintained is very important for your own personal joy, pocket book as well as keeping  ready for resale if and when you decide to sell your home. TIP! Every Fall and Spring you need to schedule on your calendar certain pool maintenance rituals that will keep your pool healthy and young. Check out the list below.
  3. Keeps your family members, guests and animals safe while you are not using your pool this Winter – it’s easier for mistakes to happen when your pool is left open. There will likely be holiday parties scheduled and family visits over the Fall and Winter seasons. Keep everyone safe from harm and keep the stray animals out of the pool this Winter. It’s easier to forget about the backyard pool when the backyard is not being utilized as much, so using this “Pool Closing” time as a precautionary measure is always a smart plan.
  4. Keeps your liability down – it’s always a better idea to be safe than sorry. If your backyard oasis is used year-round because of the outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace you built then you want that added peace-of-mind knowing whoever and whatever is enjoying your backyard beauty is also safe from accidentally falling in the pool, hence keeping your liability down.

How To Winterize your inground swimming pool

  • Balance the pool’s chemicals
  • Lower the water level and drain those pipes
  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Remove pool accessories
  • Put a lid on it

Don’t want to do it yourself? Schedule your Pool Closing here!

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Summer Pool Safety Tips | Atlanta’s Top Pool Builder Tips

Atlanta’s Top Pool Builders offer Summer Pool Safety Tips

Have fun! Stay Safe - Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

Have fun! Stay Safe – Tips from Aqua Fun Pools

June is National Safety Awareness Month

There is nothing better than a fun family and friend pool party at your house. Although it can be a lot of fun and create many lifetime memories, we want them all to be good memories. We don’t want to be negative but one must always plan for the worst. What would you do if someone hurt themselves at your pool? Before anything like that ever happens, please take extra care to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Since the month of June is National Safety Awareness Month, there is no better time than to lay out a good safety plan for your outdoor inground swimming pool.

Here are a few basic things Aqua Fun suggests you should do to prepare your family and guests:

  1. Post rules so everyone can see them
  2. Go over rules with children and young adults before they start swimming
  3. No running, dunking, pushing or rough housing
  4. Don’t dive into shallow end
  5. Always swim with a buddy
  6. Keep approved safety devices such as life preservers, pool noodles, rope, life hook and boogie boards easily accessible
  7. Remain focused on small child at all times
  8. Add 4 sided fencing around pool with child safe self latching and self closing gate
  9. Add pool alarm once party moves indoors you’ll want to stay vigilant
  10. Identify any new swimmers, best is that all swimmers are experienced
  11. Keep charged cell phone handy at all times
  12. Wear sunscreen, don’t get sun poisoning
  13. Evacuate pool in rain or coming storm
  14. Grown ups should not drink alcohol and swim nor be in charge of children at the pool

A lot of it is common sense and you’d be surprised how easily tragedy can strike so always be vigilant!

Have fun - Keep Family Safe!

Have fun – Keep Family Safe!

According to the CDC, did you know:

  • Children: Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates. In 2014, among children 1 to 4 years old who died from an unintentional injury, one-third died from drowning.1,2 Among children ages 1 to 4, most drownings occur in home swimming pools.2 Drowning is responsible for more deaths among children 1-4 than any other cause except congenital anomalies (birth defects).1 Among those 1-14, fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes.1  

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Winterize Your North Georgia Inground Swimming Pool – November 2015 – Aqua Fun Inc.

Have You Winterized Your North Georgia Inground Swimming Pool Yet?

North Georgia weather is forecast to be wet and chilly this 2015-2016 winter season according to the Farmer’s Almanac. If you have not made preparations to close your pool for the winter, then now is a great time to do it before the first official Fall Frost on November 15th, 2015 as predicted by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

You can choose Mesh and Solid Safety Covers

If you’d like to learn more about the actual process of Winterizing your inground swimming pool then check out our past article called Winterizing.  A brief synopsis of what it means to Winterize your inground pool is to treat and clean it really well, lower the water level a little bit, get water out of the drains and pipes so it does not freeze or crack, then cover the pool.

You can choose between a mesh cover or solid cover, our past article goes more into depth on solid or mesh safety winter covers. There are pro’s and con’s to both. If you decide to go with a solid cover then you’ll need a submersible pump to get excess water that accumulates. A mesh cover is nice because the water passes through. A mesh cover is also lower maintenance during the off-season for this reason.

If all this is to daunting for your busy schedule, please call us to schedule your pool closing this Winter.

Bonus Tip to Winterizing your North Georgia Inground Swimming Pool: Check the tree’s around your home and pool, with the extra rainy season coming our way this year, the ground will be wetter, softer and dead and/or weak tree’s will come down. Make sure any overhanging branches are trimmed back and not susceptible to falling onto your swimming pool safety cover or roof. It can do major damage!

Winterize Your North Georgia Inground Swimming Pool – Call Today! (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,
Rachel & Andy Cook
Owners & Operators of Aqua Fun Pools in Canton.

Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun Should Be Your Choice For New Pool Construction, Pool Maintenance and Pool Liner Replacement

Award Winning - Aquafun

Why Choose Aqua Fun For New Pool & Spa Construction, Pool Maintenance, Redesign and Pool Liner Replacement?

Here Are Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun in Canton, GA. Should Be Your Inground Pool & Spa Builder and Designer

So, you are thinking about your backyard swimming pool and spa. Do you want to build your dream pool, have it upgraded or need some repair? There are quite a few choices out there, but Aqua Fun Inc. in Canton, GA. wants to stand out from it’s competitors and here is how they do it:

  1. Family Owned – Family Owned Businesses are the backbone of our country. Aqua Fun Inc. is a “family owned” premier pool design, construction and service company owned and operated by husband and wife team, Andrew and Rachel Cook. Andrew has the pool construction background and Rachel brings her knowledge and experience from corporate America. The combination of their experience means that you will get the best of both worlds. Family owned means their reputation is on the line and Aqua Fun prides themselves on being part of the local community.
  2. Over 28 Years Experience –  Andrew Cook has 28+ years experience in the pool construction and design industry. Andrew started out in the pool industry in 1987 as a Regional Sales Representative for Kafko. Check out Kafko’s Recommendation for Andy Cook.
  3. Quality Construction – Aqua Fun is a family owned, award winning pool & spa construction company with over 28 years experience. See the kind of work Aqua Fun produces and read reviews from their happy customers. Aqua Fun only uses the highest quality materials and up-to-date technology to build the best possible backyard oasis for your family.
  4. Affordable – Quality does not always equal more expensive. Aqua Fun prides themselves on quality construction & service at a competitive price. Aqua Fun has partnerships with these Pool Financing sources and encourages you to get pre-qualified.
  5. Choices – Aqua Fun offers choices in swimming pool finishes – Vinyl, Gunite and Fiberglass – as well as different shapes to fit your lifestyle and yard size. Looking for a natural looking and performing swimming pool? Aqua Fun loves Salt Water Pools and natural looking recreational add-on’s, decorative vinyl liners and landscaping ideas. Want a luxurious look? Underwater Illumination can make all the difference.

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The team at Aqua Fun wants to encourage local Metro Atlanta consumers who are ready to take the plunge to consider them as their #1 Swimming Pool and Spa choice. Did you read 7 Ways To Prepare Your New Pool Construction article? It’s a good checklist. Aqua Fun goes above and beyond to get your business and keep it!

Aqua Fun offers Five Good Reasons Why Aqua Fun Should Be Your Choice For New Pool Construction & Redesign, Pool Maintenance and Pool Liner Replacement. For your complimentary consultation please contact Aqua Fun at (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.


7 Ways To Prepare For Your New Pool Construction – Swim By Summer

Pool and Spa by Aqua Fun!

Luxurious swimming pool!

Prepare For Your New Pool and Swim By Summer

1. Build Your “Dream Pool” Pin Board.

Follow Rachel Cook’s board Our Pools and Spa’s on Pinterest.

Help us know what you’re looking for, start a “Dream Pool” board on Pinterest. Invite us to your Pinterest board using our email address –

2. Decide between a Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl Inground Pool.

  • Gunite Pool is the strongest of the three choices, and also the longest lasting.

Read a comparison of the three pool types, pool liners and surface finish choices.

3. Have a clear sense of purpose.

Ask yourself why you’re installing a swimming pool. Do you want to exercise more? Are there small children in your family who love to swim and you want to create more family time? Want to increase the value of your home? Are you a naturalist and want a Salt Water Pool instead of a chlorinated pool? Whatever the reason, knowing your purpose will help us make it the dream pool you have been wanting.

4. Decide what kind of pool shape you want.

Once you have established how you will be using your swimming pool, it will be easier to decide the shape. Rectangular designs provide a timeless, classic look and are great for swimming laps and playing pool games. If you prefer a natural looking pool, then a kidney or free-form shaped inground pool can blend with the landscaping and be a great choice for you.

5. Focus on the details.

Pick Recreational Add-On(s), Water Features and Underwater Illumination to complete your dream swimming pool design. 2015 Swimming Pool Trends include but are not limited to Custom Entry’s, In-Water Benches and Table, Tanning Ledge, Grotto and Swim Up Bar, Diving Board, Water Slide, Splash Pad, Exquisite Waterfalls, Bubbling Fountains and massaging jets.


Do you want to add a spa to the pool design? Not sure if it is in your budget? Be sure to ask the professionals at Aqua Fun, our team of experienced designers can help you come up with the best plan for your dream pool!

6. Keep safety in mind.

Do you want a pool alarm? If you have small children around you may want to consider it. Child-proof locks on gates, and security alarms on windows to the backyard are also considerations. Safety Covers will add that extra barrier of protection you may want. Aqua Fun is all about safety first and with that added security you can have peace of mind knowing your family is safe around the pool.

7. Plan your pool party!


Be sure to check out our Poolside Treats board on Pinterest for an awesome menu to celebrate your new pool.

Follow Rachel Cook’s board Poolside Treats on Pinterest.

All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to know more about your new pool construction, then be sure to share this article. Get a jump on financing your dream pool here.

Aqua Fun Inc. offers 7 Ways To Prepare For Your New Pool Construction So You Can Swim By Summer, call (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc

5 Reasons Why You Need Safety Pool Covers This Winter | Aqua Fun Inc.

If you live in Atlanta or watch the news you will never forget Snowpocalypse 2014, when Atlanta was taken by surprise. If you thought that was bad, get ready for another dramatic Winter season. The Winter Forecast for the South East will be extreme; expect ice events and an overall wet winter which could spur flood risks.

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

Safety Covers Aqua Fun Inc.

Here are 5 reasons why you need safety pool covers this Winter.

  1. Protect your loved ones, pets and wild animals from accidentally falling in.
  2. Protect your pool structure from freezing and “popping up”.
  3. Prepare for a harsh 2014-2015 Winter – rain and water.
  4. Compliment your backyard oasis with color choices.
  5. Prevent damage to your pools plumbing and filtration

If you don’t have a pool cover already, now is the time. Do you need to upgrade or replace your current pool safety cover? The team at Aqua Fun are your best choice for your Pool Cover installment and replacement.

You have choices:

  • Solid or Mesh
  • Colorful or Plain
  • Customized shape or Retractable Solid

Getting a Safety Pool cover is not a cure-all for the Winter. You still have to be diligent; run the equipment if temperatures reach the freezing point. You’ll need to remove accumulated snow, ice and water with a broom or pool cover pump so it does not stretch the mesh or separate from the coping. If all this is too much for your busy schedule, let us help you maintain your inground pool over the Winter.

Let Aqua Fun Inc. be your Pool Covers, Safety Covers, Mesh Pool Covers, Solid Pool Covers specialist. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation – (770) 419-7119.

Thank you,

Rachel & Andrew Cook

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