How To Deal With Pollen In Your Swimming Pool

Achoo! Sniffle Sniffle…

Pollen is here – please don’t fear, it will pass soon.  But we know that pollen in your swimming pool can be unsightly and embarrassing but did you know that if not dealt with can also cause damage to your swimming pool filtration system and pump?

Your pool has probably gone all winter without the filters being cleaned. Dirty filters cause back pressure in the filter and equipment, resulting in poor water flow and water circulation and can cause damage to the pool equipment. Salt cells and heaters will not work properly when this happens.  This may seem like a huge task – and it just might be, depending on how bad the situation is, that’s why Aqua Fun offers services to clean your cartridge filters in addition to cleaning the appearance of your pollen covered swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Sand Filters and Pollen

If you have a swimming pool that has a sand filter, make sure you are backwashing more than once a week.  This is very important in order to keep the skimmers working properly and keeps them from gunking up and clogging.  If your pool is not as clear as it used to be, it is time for a sand change.  Sand filters need new sand and laterals every four years. Over time, the filter looses sand and chemical reactions cause the sand to harden and no longer filter and clean the water.

Can I Use Swimming Pool Shock for Pollen?

While using swimming pool shock *may* help with the visual aspects of your green swimming pool, it won’t be enough to do the job.  Some people realize this and add even more pool shock, but be ware… adding too much pool shock can also damage your pool equipment if not done properly or too much!

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