Do you want a new pool this summer or even spring? Best to install a new pool in winter to beat the new swimming pool install crowd, because even though it may be cold now, it takes several months to excavate and dig the hole plus all of the landscape and concrete work that needs to be done and don’t you know everyone decides to get a new pool in spring but they don’t take into consideration the amount of time needed to install it so there’s a pretty large wait list and sometimes waiting until it starts getting warm isn’t a good plan.
If you begin in fall or winter, you could be jumping into something like this in May!
Inground pool installation in winter

Inground pool installation in winter


This is the best time for Aqua Fun to design and build your perfect paradise just in time for Spring to come back around!  Many dislike the cold weather months that winter can bring; but not us!  This is the absolute best time to begin work so that by spring or summer, your yard is back to normal or even better – and with a new swimming pool for you to enjoy during the hot months!
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