With the first day of school coming up, throw the pool party everyone will talk about. Throw the ultimate end of Summer Pool Party at your house!

Our team at Aqua Fun receives feedback from our clients and others with their reasoning for wanting a new in-ground swimming pool. One of the recurring stories we hear go back to their childhood or family Summer memories at the pool. Most people growing up in America can remember laying out by the pool, swimming in the pool from day to night, perfecting their front flip off the high dive or getting a gorgeous tan while listening to music.

Here are a few tips to throw that end of summer pool party everyone will talk about:

  1. Create a great theme. Here are a few ideas: Hawaiian Luau, Back to School Bash, Star Wars pool party or Football theme. It could be all sports themed simply by adding a volley ball and a volleyball net inside the pool and/or adding a floating basket ball goal with a waterproof basketball. Having a score keeper and referee will bring the intensity up a notch.
  2. Invite people about 2 weeks out. Mail invitations, send an Evite or start a Facebook Event. Let them know there will be food, fun and great memories made. Be sure to incorporate your theme on the invitations.
  3. Plan your meal or snack plan in advance. Here are some quick and easy ideas for a refreshing food spread: fruit salad, cream cheese rolls, fresh sliced vegetables with fresh buttermilk ranch dressing, eskimo pies, watermelon, pasta salad, kabobs, Rice Krispy Treats and Lavender fruit pops. Find perfect recipes on our Pinterest board and plan in advance.
  4. Add fun pool toys. Even if you don’t have a theme, these ideas are fun for every pool party: noodles, beach balls, volleyball net, small squirt guns and super soakers, floaters and of course glowing light balls. Lay out on a big pink flamingo or swan float and dive to the bottom of the pool to get the glow stick. Fun pool toys are a must for any pool party!
  5. Classic Pool Games and other Pool Games can be planned in advance. Make it easy, pick a game from one of these blog posts – classic pool games and/or other pool games, then modify the games and pool toys to match your pool party theme.
  6. Keep extra supplies such as sunblock for adults and children, tanning lotion, chapstick, bug spray, aloe lotion, a first aid kit and water bottles. Buy a few decorative baskets or buckets to hold these items for easy access and aesthetic visibility.
  7. Hire a professional photographer. You can find a good deal on Groupon or use Thumbtack to find a local photographer. Make it a tradition every year, create those memories!
  8. Fire and Water! (Another fun theme idea) – There are many creative ways to incorporate an outdoor fire to the backyard activities, especially at night. Roast marshmallows, make s’mores and tell summer stories around the fire. What a great way to end the pool party with a nice relaxing fire crackling in the night air. Dip your toes in the water after drying off next to the fire. Want to build that backyard fireplace or fire pit? We can help you with that! Just click here to request more information about building an outdoor fire pit or fireplace by your in-ground pool.
  9. Send everyone off with a special gift. If you want to make a lasting impression, send everyone off with a gift of some kind. If it’s for children may be a goody bag with fun little games and candy would be a great place to start. What about a t-shirt with the party theme and year saying something like “We survived the Thompson’s Back-To-School Bash 2017”. How about an adult goodie bag with items such as customized drink coozies, pens, calendars, hats, paper fans, hand-made soaps or lotions.
  10. Start a theme based Song Playlist. 

At Aqua Fun, we love to hear about your great Summer experiences around the pool. We appreciate hearing from you and witnessing all the fun you’re having by posting your Family & Friends Pool Party pictures on our Facebook page.

Have you been wanting to have a end of summer pool party but don’t have a pool yet? Contact Aqua Fun and schedule your no obligation consultation. We’ll offer an estimate for your new dream in-ground pool and have it designed and installed so you will never miss a Summer pool party again! All of us here at Aqua Fun Inc would like to thank you for reading our blog! If you know anyone who would like to throw the ultimate end of Summer Pool Party at your house, then be sure to share this article and schedule your consultation here.

With the first day of school coming up, throw the pool party everyone will talk about. Throw the ultimate end of Summer Pool Party at your house!

Thank you,
Rachel and Andrew Cook
Owners of Aqua Fun Inc.

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